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Summary: Jolly Man Mountain

Boros the Mountain

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Gender: Male

Age: 50

Group: Criminals

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)

Trade caravan. Former mercenary.


Half Giant.


Caravan leader.
Obtainer and seller of goods.
Incredibly resilient and stupidly strong.
Wields a great hammer with ease.


Master of trade
The Mountain

Physical Appearance

Towering at a little over 8 feet tall (though still half the size of his half brothers) Boros lives up to his title. He is the definition of broad thick in every limb. He isn't the muscled hulking Adonis he was back in the hay day of his youth and his rotund muscles are covered in a hearty layer of fat brought on by his merchant life style.

Personality and interests

Boros is the type to believe a friend lies in every place. (Think Braum from LOL if you know it) Warm hearted and allways willing to go to the end for what he believes.


His mother tragically died in child birth. But his father (Chief of the mountain Giants) took him in as if he were a full giant. Obviously being the runt of the tribe was never easy but that only spurred Boros to do better! He left his tribe hoping to find glory with his mother's kin and was instantly picked up by a mercenary group. It was there he learned to fight and his status of folk legend began. Tales of him felling a direct bear with his bare hands and being able to drink a lake soon surfaced around the areas his mercenary group went. Some were true but most were the fancy of bored farmers seeing a imposing man. After decades of battle fighting on both sides of the conflict and seeing far too many friends die Boros decided to rest his hammer from the tides of war and took a job as a merchant guard. He soon found a new love in haggling and his travels allowed him to meet many a friend. So loved was he by the caravan he protected he was made it's leader when the current got to old to travel.
He led this caravan to greatness knowing the best ways through the countries border he was able to set up trade routes and start a "Black Market" run between the two countries.
Of course the border guards have orders to arrest Boros for collaborating with the enemy but both sides have heard of his tales of kindness and bravery and more often then not they turn a blind eye.

Favourite food

"The milk of cow is worth more to me then gold"

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Image of Boros the Mountain
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