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Summary: Daughter of a priest who attempts to keep hope

Kadri'Saar SzKutak

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Group: Nobles of Verden

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)

Verden, but her heart is torn between that of her home and Dalen


(Half-elf) Human, Mage

~You can call her Kadri (like Audrey with a K)~


Power of Healing (can't heal herself)
Precognition (forgets a little more about the past each time used)
Can easily understand spellbooks (using the spell is a different story...)
Whisper of Ambition, which she swore an oath to never use again
(when used grants any wish but kills someone/thing around you, wish has limits)(titled Whisper of Death by Kadri)
Working the bookstore
Reading (decent amount of education)
Usually talks in a more formal manner
Lacks Self Defense skill


Daughter of Father Bardolphus, a well-known Verden priest. Not the best title within the noble category, but better than being the bottom of the food chain. Bordering noble and citizen, she classifies as a normal class person though.

Physical Appearance

Dark Blue Hair worn to elbows
Green Eyes
Dark Caramel Complexion
Has youthful appearance
Human Ears
Resembles mother almost exactly
Usually wears plain button-up dresses

Personality and interests

Kadri'Saar is quite simple at first glance...and second. She adores helping her father with his church, their bookstore, as well as helping others with her medicines and tonics. A free spirit. Playful. She likes to talk but finds herself tangled in words far too often. Kadri blushes at even the slightest gesture and can be rather flirtatious. Naive to the outside world because her father's restrictions, but very curious about it. Tends to avoid nobles at all costs due to politics and nerves, doesn't believe magic should be persecuted. A very determined young lady who doesn't particularly like hurting others for unnecessary reasons. Or at all. considering she's not too great at fighting.
Kadri chooses to lay low and obeys most orders when given.
Dreams of learning ballroom or a waltz and loves to daydream


The SzKutak's are a troubled family. Bardolphus SzKutak was a knight in his younger years and left his position to marry his pregnant wife Daya--unaware she was an elf--and become ordained as a cleric for Verden. He was afraid that he would be harmed or killed trying to protect his kingdom, widowing his love, but remained doing so in the form of his faith of which was so strong. He supported the king's every move, especially the fight against magic. He thought them all demons. Daya gave him his eldest daughter, Asealya, but passed on shortly after giving birth.

He remarried to Daya's close friend Ha'Daan who was also secretly an elf. Ha'Daan had fraternal twin girls Zaonna and Kadri'Saar--who looked similar enough--and named them after childhood friends in "the home of which we don't speak", the mother had told her girls. She took Asealya in too, but clearly showed disdain as the older child had none of her exquisite elven features like her flesh and blood. She was loved throughout their community and by most of the citizens, so when she disappeared suddenly, the people were curious if Ha'Daan had suffered the same fate as the late Daya. Some suggested foul play in Bardolphus' hands.

But, Ha'Daan was actually exposed as an elven sorceress after a fight with her dear Bardolphus, and took a volunteering Zaonna to Dalen where they could be free together.

Eventually Asealya was gone too, leaving Kadri'Saar in a hurt, but hopeful state. Her father never really was the same after that and neither was the girl. With so much drama at once, the family would be shrouded in mystery which was no good for the priest's reputation. They packed up and left for possibly the most silent place in the planet-- an old mining town named Dustmire. Make peace for a year and move back. One year turned into four. Her father had no idea that all of his daughters were just like their mothers, all had magic, all would be dead if he and the king had their way. Kadri wasn't so sure that being his family would spare them if that ever happened.

Bardolphus will hold onto his last daughter as much as possibly; Kadri's extremely shielded and controlled by him.
And now after everything had been taken, she hoped she would be prepared enough to find her lost family an entire kingdom or so away. The question was where to start looking and who to trust...she certainly couldn't trust herself when she had a tempting birthright in a box without a lock.

Favourite food

Raw Potato Slices with Bread/Herbs (religious Verden dish called Deibbrioka)

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