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Summary: Walking the tightrope of commoner and criminal

Asealya SzKutak

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Group: People of Dalen

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)

Sketchy Citizen of Dalen




Fur/Plant trading
Able to disguise self as a man
Hand to Hand Combat
Can shift whenever (each time becomes more animalistic, less human)
Energy Blasts (frequently has injuries/in pain from force)


Beer Maiden (tavern)
Underground Fighter

Physical Appearance

Vastly different from her half-sisters, Kadri and Zaonna.
Muscular, but maintains a feminine figure with large bust
Shoulder length black hair - shaggy/straight
Piercing purple eyes
Scar stretches from jaw to cheekbone
Slightly pointed ears

Personality and interests

Short tempered
Typical emotion is anger/sadness
Hunts to clear her mind
Truly a hopeless romantic
Self-conscious toward looks
Really enjoys cooking
Being outside


Being the eldest of the SzKutak's, she felt responsible for everyone's actions as if she had to lead them. That and the death of her mother Daya took a toll on her personality heavily. She began sneaking away on hunts and sometimes wouldn't return for days.
Asealya was best known as The Beast of Verden to the kids her age who taunted her for looking different from her sisters (not as feminine and pretty), participating in boy-dominated activities, and feeding the stray animals in the city. She gained respect from many as she constantly hunted magical beasts plaguing Verden at a fairly young age, much to everyone's delight.
After she grew older and Ha'Daan had Zaonna, the family relocated to an old mining town. A year in, Asealya went on a hunting trip and was bitten by a werewolf, thus throwing her into the painful transformation that is lycanthropy. The first change was the worst, however.

She feared hurting her family and found her way to Dalen without even sending word. But when her anger got the best of her one full moon, she circled back to Verden and made sure the ones who'd taunted her never saw the next sunrise. All that's left of her victims is blood and bone. She, being one herself, refrained from the killing of unique beasts like herself. But if they were on two legs and could wield a weapon, she considered it.

Asealya is currently in Dalen where she lives with a friend in the country and serves drinks at a shady tavern. Involved in crimes (robbery, smuggling, murder...) from time to time, not really enough to be considered a criminal as she's meticulous about evidence. Mohrjak the Minotaur, famed Dalen underground fighter, is a bodyguard/security at the tavern.

The name calling wasn't entirely wrong. Sometimes being beastly was the best method of survival.

Favourite food

Baked rabbit

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Image of Asealya SzKutak
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