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Summary: Do be a dear, and die quickly.

Sarx -NPC

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Gender: Female

Age: 78

Group: Criminals

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)

Dalen/ Emerald Scarves


Half Infernal/half Fey


Leader of the Emerald Scarves a Gang in the Lower District of the Capital of Dalen


Head of the Criminal Organization known as the Emerald Scraves

Physical Appearance

She is imposing six foot, with red tinted skin and golden eyes. Her face is framed with coal black hair and she is fit from head to toe. She dresses for the job most of the time, if she is working it is leather trousers and fitted shirts with weapons were ever she can have them.

Personality and interests

She is cold and calculating. She loves to have a flare for the dramatics and feels she is a natural leader. She cares for the people in the Lower District, but she does not let that get in the way of business, it is just better to care when you will be asking them to do things that could risk them going to jail.


She grew up on the streets, her mother dumped her off at age 12, a shame as she was a mix of bloods. She learned to get tough and to join a gang. Through determination, money, and ruthlessness she got to the position of a gang boss in the Emerald Scarves, just a street gang at the time holding onto a small block of the town. She took her people and started crushing the other gangs during the war, recruiting soldiers who came back from the war. By the end of the war they were secretly running all of the lower district. It was clear to her that for her to keep running it, she needed to broker a compromise, so she keeps her killers and thieves from harming the right people, and keeps crime mostly in check and she has free run of the Lower District.

Favourite food

Anything with cinnamon in it

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Image of Sarx -NPC
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