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Summary: Two men enter, one man leaves, and I have walked through many doors.

Gaelbeck Halthenstafre

Gender: Male

Age: 39

Group: Soldiers of Dalen

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)



Mage Vampire-Ghoul


Gaelbeck is an extremely talented fighter, having spent much of his childhood and young adult life gearing himself for war. He is skilled in minor healing magic and has knowledge of many healing herbs. Aside from these medicinal skills, he is absolutely devastating with his sword and shield combination. It has been said that his shield has naver been dropped and that the souls he sends to the afterlife with his sword are caught in the limbo to add strength to his defenses. His sword has runic markings in blood red that glow when blood is spilt on them. When they are activated, they channel additional energy into his limbs, giving him unending stamina as long as the blood keeps flowing over the runes. He is the Dreadknight, one of Estalla Malkaan's thralls and your worst nightmare on the field of battle.


Gaelbeck is a Thrall of the Black Witch. He is known only as the Dreadknight.

Physical Appearance

Standing at 6'8" and weighing nearly 265 pounds, Gaelbeck was a monster of a man long before Estalla truly made him a monster. His hair is cut extremely short, but if it were to grow out, it would be a reddish brown in hue. His skin began a healthy bronze, but due to his transformation and constant existence in his armor, his skin has taken on a gray pallor. His teeth are all sharpened due to his transformation, giving him a bite that is similar in sharpness to a fine dagger slid between an official's ribs.

Personality and interests

Gaelbeck is bloodthirsty, his hunger and anger driving him to slaughter and overall destruction whenever his leash is slackened. However, when he is meant to be on his best behavior, his courtly mannerisms from his childhood reemerge and allow him to fit in as if he belongs amongst the nobility.


Born to a powerful Count on the border lands between Dalen and her Eastern allies, Gaelbeck spent much of his childhood kearning the ways of the sword and the tongue. He learned how to settle commoner disputes with the most acceptable outcome, as well as how to sever a man's arm with the mere flick of his wrist. All was going well for the young boy until his father - Count Halthenstafre's - grew far too ambitious.

Challenging the Queen's control over not only his land but also the land around him, he questioned her ability to lead after the disastrous defeat and peace treaty with Verden. His attempt to gain power was beginning to gather attention, both from the nobles around him who thought themselves capable as well as the Queen's very own enforcer.

The Black Witch paid their castle a visit with an armed force that was more than capable of breaching the castle. The fight, however, turned to be a harder experience than the assaulted had planned. The defenses of the castle as well as Halthenstafre's vassals held the Witch's forces back for some time until they were simply overwhelmed. The attack moved swiftly through the castle, the assaulted clearly searching for the Count.

They found him, but he was being defended by his son and his personal guard. The fighting continued to spill into the room, but the guardsmen were able to mount a delaying action to allow the Count, his son, and his three most elite guardsmen to retreat further into the keep of their castle. Inevitably, the delaying action came to an end and those men were put down like the traitorous dogs they were. The assault reached the keep, but it had been substantially weakened through the night's events.

The Black Witch and The Spellbow led their men forward in a final push to capture the Count, dead or alive. It would be one of their hardest fights as Gaelbeck, a mere 20 year old at the time, was able to force The Fiend back and actually defeat him. Before the killing blow could be delivered, hostilities were ceased as the Witch reached the Count over the dead bodies of his guardsmen. Negotiations were quickly made to ensure the Count's survival and continued ownership of his territory. The agreed upon terms were a hefty fine to be paid and a reswearing of his vows of loyalty to the Queen. If he backed out again, he would be killed by magic laced into the deal. His son was also taken from him and put in the services of the Black Witch to replace her currently injured thrall.

Spellbow was not done, however, for he emerged from the shadows to bind Gaelbeck and take him back to the Witch's home. It was there that he received his transformation and new name. Dreadknight was born, and Gaelbeck was abandoned.

Favourite food

Virgin blood and baby flesh

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