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Summary: "I am weak and afraid but I know who I am. Do you?"

Frida Ilnon

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Gender: Female

Age: 25

Group: People of Verden

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)



Half-dwarf, half-human


Frida owns a bakery in Verden.
Frida has magical abilities she keeps hidden. It's not very hard since she doesn't even know about them. Frida uses her magic to make the things she bakes extra delicious, though she's unaware of it.
Frida has good reflexes and decent fighting skills she learned as a child. She kept honing them when she was in slavery and still trains from time to time.


Just a normal pheasant. Used to be a slave.

Physical Appearance

Frida has a short stature because of her dwarf blood, though not unusually short. She's 156cm tall and her body is skinny but sturdy. She has barely any breasts and slim waist that makes her hips look wider than they are. Frida has muscular arms and fingers from kneading dough and from the slave work she used to do. Frida has large scars on her back and rope burn scars on her wrists and ankles. She keeps them hidden by wearing concealing clothes, tall boots and leather bracelets.
Frida has delicate, almost frail, features and narrow, regal nose. Her eyes are a bit big, round and emerald green. Her mouth is small and she has full lips. She is beautiful but doesn't believe it herself. Frida's ears are slightly pointy but so slightly it's hardly discernable.
Frida has very light blonde hair that reaches her upper back. She keeps it in a loose braid. Frida's skin is a bit dark, mocha shade.

Personality and interests

Frida was scarred by her time as a slave and is shy and timid because of it. She blends in and avoids big crowds, since they make her anxious. In a large group Frida is quiet and only speaks when spoken to. But in a smaller company of two or three Frida comes out of her shell and shows her sociable side. In her bakery you can usually hear Frida's chipper tone floating in the air.
Frida can be pretty funny when she wants to and she likes to share fun facts with people. Frida's mind tends to wander and she blurts out random things at weird times.
Frida really enjoys reading and knows all kinds of things. She has a big bookshelf in her room filled with all kinds of books, from history books to adventure novels. Frida even owns a couple of books about magic but she keeps them well hidden and only reads them at night.
Believe it or not, Frida actually has a temper hidden under her calm, friendly demeanor. Frida has strong morals and won't tolerate rudeness, injustice or bad treatment of the weak or innocent. If someone can't behave in her bakery she throws them out without mercy. Sometimes she even raises her voice and when she's pushed to the limit her magic powers show themselves. Frida has never been pushed that far but who knows when it'll happen.


Frida's mother was a slave that was raped by a passing dwarf mercenary. Frida's mother was able to have the child in secret from her master and Frida was given to a local baker in Dalen. That baker was an elderly lady that taught Frida everything she knew. But the lady died when Frida was 12 and she lived in the streets for a while. Frida was captured and sold as a slave. Frida spent 6 years as a slave and during that time she was abused emotionally and physically and Frida was scarred in both body and soul. But one night, right before her 19th birthday, Frida escaped and was able to flee Dalen. She crossed the border to Verden and was nursed back to health by a kind couple that found her in the woods. After Frida was healthy again she went to the capital and got a job at a bakery. She worked there for 4 years before starting her own bakery.
Frida has no idea about her heritage or mother, who might still be alive somewhere in Dalen.

Favourite food

Chanterelle pie with cheese topping and vanilla meringue as a dessert.

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