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This is an old character & has been deleted.

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Summary: If tt years have taught me one thing, it's that I will kill every last necromancer, then take a nap


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Gender: Male

Age: 16

Group: Others

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)



Bear, He suffered the same fate as Mudnit, Being experimented on by a group of necromancers.


Protector of his escapees


He is second in command of his group

Physical Appearance

A muscular brown bear, with fierce canine teeth, and scars from lashes on his back.

Personality and interests

I'm gonna work on it later


He was stolen as a cub by a group of necromancers, ever since he has been ruthlessly punished by his captors. Their lashing and painful magic was brutal torture. After befriending an flamboyant ferret, four repetitive mice, a miniature caiman, and a clever badger, who is the groups leader. This group had barely escaped, and are looking for mudnit, the most astrongly enchanted of the cursed animals. Only he can free them

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