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Summary: Sneaky, Sneaky, I am Soooo sneaky, I am the best sneaker. Shut up and listen to your sneakiest sneak


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Gender: Male

Age: 10

Group: Others

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)



Enchanted Weasel


Scout and bodyguard for Sandet and the group.


Body guard, and scout.

Physical Appearance

Light brown fur, and black eye spots. He appears gentle, but has the skills of a warrior. His furry paws are reddish in color.

Personality and interests

Very flamboyant, and always cocky about how great he thinks he is. He is still protective, and loyal. He is known for his sneakiness, lurking in the underbrush, and spying on others.


Suffered the Damme fate as Bushbug and Sandet. Stolen as a youngling, and tortured with magic.

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Image of Weezie
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