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Summary: I give you knowledge, if you give me radishes. Now that seems like a fair trade.

Bungo Glubish

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Gender: Male

Age: 42

Group: Others

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)

Wanderer, traveler, and trader. Has no allegiance with any kingdom although he will trade his knowledge there without worry.


Goblin, purely goblin.


Trader, and inquirer of knowledge. Travels around the lands and guides others into understanding with his tidbits.


No Rank
Known by his nickname Bungo the Knowledgeable

Physical Appearance

Green and ugly, he may look too young to have such knowledge, but he spent his whole life learning. His hair is starting to turn grey and his body structure is thin but somewhat muscular. He only reaches the height of 4 feet. His eyes are yellow and he has a large, reddish nose.

Personality and interests

He is smart for a goblin, and had devoted his life to learning. He is still good hearted, and will always offer any help for the inquiring folk. He has some skill in wielding weapons, such as daggers and small bows. He loves to teach others, yet he is rather lonely in life. He has very few friends, and his traveling lifestyle restricts him from having more. He likes coinage, like all goblins do, probably because its just a strange ancestral trait. He also has skills in wood-working and carving, and sometimes carves items to sell with his knowledge.


Born and raised in a goblin cave. He was led towards a life of constant work. Unlike his fellow goblins, he questioned life, pondered why the soil is brown, water is blue, and rocks grey. He dreamt of what made an animal live, and why we suffered death. Even with this goal, he soon began his forced upon job of guarding the cave. One night, he packed his things, snuck out of the cave, and began his journey. He never turned back.

His life was spent visiting mages, and those with knowledge. He learned why soil was brown, and many of his other questions. But as they were answered, they brought forth more questions. So he decided to learn from the people. He worked his luck in the trading life and made many inventions, such as folding shop stands. For a few years of his life he ran a wood-working shop that made those stands and many other things. But he missed the travel, and went back to what he loved, learning. Once again this brought him far and wide, and he used his stand he invented to set up in different towns and cities. And every time he makes a sale, he asks the buyer,

"What is one fact you know about anything?"

He is, to this day, wandering around, and still on the hunt to know everything. He has currently set up shop in Radogast, but that might change.

Favourite food

Radishes, cooked any way, eaten any way, found in any condition, even if a foul vagrant rubs it on his back and drops it into the sewage tunnels.

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Image of Bungo Glubish
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