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Summary: Always wants to learn more about the world around him.

Lorcan Milogost

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Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, but is very old despite his young appearance.

Group: Nobles of Verden

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)

Dalen (Though he is willing to help anyone he finds interesting)


Half elven, half human.


“Scientist” and alchemist, as he like to call himself.
He is always working on a lot of experiments (more or less legaly) and some of his experiments are currently sponsored by queen Thalia.
He knows just about anything there is to know about anything in both Dalen and Verden.


“Scientist” and alchemist.

Physical Appearance

He looks very young as if he were in his early twenties.
(More will be added later)

Personality and interests

He is very curious, friendly, laidback, loves women and can be a bit mischievous. At first glance it can be difficult to believe how much knowledge he actually processes and how old he truly is.
He lives “alone” on a farm near the border of the Skeldergate forest and border of Verden. His only company at the moment are the three slaves he own. These slaves are used for many of his experiments, but he also enjoys their company despite the fact that he cannot trust them. The slaves are one male ghoul (Tancred), a young female werewolf (Aveline) and a beastlike man (Yrian).
He used to have an assistant but unfortunately, he had an accident with one of the slaves recently.
He as a large ox which he uses to pull a wagon or even to ride on if neccecary, because he does not like horses.


Not much is known about his background, other than he never really fit in with either the elves or humans because of his heritage and personality.
Though nobody really knows he is quite possibly the oldest in the entire kingdom.

Favourite food

Any kind of sweets and candy.

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Image of Lorcan Milogost
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