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Summary: Clothing for any coin purse.

Pip Tailor

Gender: female (male)

Age: 28

Group: Nobles of Dalen

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)





Clothing shop owner: Marvelous Maiden
repairs and sells clothes
Base level enchantment skills


Higher class of commoner.

Physical Appearance

chartreuse eyes, long red hair, light freckles under eyes across nose and on shoulders, porcine white skin. Average male height about 5' 9"

Personality and interests

Mostly reserved, unless drunk.
Keeping people in comfort even if its cheap.


Her history isn't something they talk about to much. Their mother was a seamstress but not famous. She moved to the city with a lover and they built the shop the Pip now works in.
(is a male the presents as female)

Favourite food

Tea with vanilla and a hefty slash of cream.
Sweet Rolls (guilty pleasure rare treat)

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