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Summary: Charming, ambitious and calculating.

Teitur Allen Dawson

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Gender: Male

Age: Early 30's

Group: Others

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)





He deals with a variety of things both legal and illegal.

He is quite good with weapons since he has worked as a mercenary/raider from time to time. Furthermore he is quite the caravan specialist as trading has been his main income in most of his life. During this time he has mostly been dealing in magical beings both dead and alive.


"Mainly" a trader, but recently he has worked on a much different project that might end up changing the two kingdoms.

Physical Appearance

About 5' 12, medium long dirtyblonde hair and fit.

Personality and interests

He has big plans for the future and will do whatever it takes to reach this goal.

Currently he is in charge of a group of criminals and have plans to expand his "territory".

He does know a little magic, but has never had a proper teacher. Despite of this he is very skilled bed ice related magic, though he prefer to keep theses skills hidden.


Comes from a mixed family. His farther was a previous slave from the south but after he was set free he became quite a successful trader both in Verden and Dalen.

His mother came from Verden, but died when he was about 8.

At a young age he got hired at a ship and stayed at sea for many years before returning home to continue his father's business. Here her worked for several years on and off, though he also did a lot of work on the side but of a more shady kind.

He has a lot of criminal connections and are often using them in different ways to get what he wants.

Favourite food

Lamb chops.

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