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Summary: Want something illegal? Probably got it.

Azur Kilmiad

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Gender: Male

Age: 21

Group: Criminals

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)

In between the kingdoms and willing to work for anyone who pays enough.




Organizer for smuggling, which involves setting up shipments, taking care of his four mates, negotiating with and shaking down clients if necessary and intimidating the competition.


Head of the 'Rat Catchers', a gang of five people he himself founded.

Physical Appearance

Young, pretty short, slim, darker skin, usually dressed to hide his identity, i. e. hoods, dark clothing and his signature dark red mask.

Personality and interests

Rather playful and fun with friends but serious and reserved with clients or competetors so as to create a mythical aura around him. This sometimes leads to him being unnecesserily harsh towards his foes to keep up his reputation and ghost-like appearences. He is interested in crafting his own gadgets for his job but is more unskilled in this than skilled.


Born in Verden but had to flee at a young age due being caught stealing, was a member of various gangs before putting together his own. Little more is known about him since most of his history exists outside of official records after he fled Verden.

Favourite food

Anything salty.

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