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Summary: "One's life is like a wheel. They may turn it but they can never steer it."

Tudi Timber

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Gender: Female

Age: 24

Group: People of Dalen

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)

Slave of Dalen - (Up for sale)




Musician - Violin (Experienced not mastered)
- Pan flute (Learning)


Slave (Up for sale)

Physical Appearance

Curly auburn hair drape over Tudi's head like gentle steams of water down a mountain path. Her body shape isn't fat nor slender but it is chubby in the right places. Giving her a casual comfy look for those cold winter nights.
Her green eyes while being a nice contrast to her hair give people a good sense of who she is as a person.

Personality and interests

Tudi's passionate for very few things but the few interests she does have captivate her for long periods of time. May those things be men, women, the whisper of music and nature, her one true love.


While not a noble nor a queen her life is still one she takes great pride in.
When she was young her family owned a small timber mill named Timber's Timbers. When she was ten the business started struggling financially. Everything they did to keep the business a float failed, so they had only one choice. That choice was to sell Tudi to a man named Deamon Clink.

Deamon Clink while not being a good man did have respect for her. In his spare time he'd show her the joys of music and satisfaction of living a life you have no control over. After two years of servitude Deamon Clink was assassinated. For what no one may ever know.

Over the years since then she has been sold from master to mistress and vise versa for years and years. Each day at it it's hardest Tudi remembers what Deamon taught her and how she must approach life so she may see another day.

Favourite food

Honey roasted carrots with meat and mashed potatoes.

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Image of Tudi Timber
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