Child's Play

In the mirror realm Kline did not notice he had changed over, the changes were subtle and small, his sword was on his other side, he would favor another hand, but these details were not something he was aware of, yet. The realm looked very much like the place he was in; the walls were patterned to try and obfuscate where you were and how long the hallway was. Kline was not a man od details such as those, combat, battles, yes, other things might slip his gaze.

He stopped though as he saw something walking toward him, if walking was an accurate name for the strange gait it had. It was a creature that was of a pale complexion, a wide smile with strange teeth, all of them slightly oversized and none of them even as if someone had put them all together without looking at them. The eyes were small, more pin pricks in the white face that had two slits for the noses that opened and closed each time it breathed. The arms, or the limbs where arms should be, were as long as the legs and ended in six digits that were tapered to a fine point. It wore a long coat, though the sleeves were normal sized for a human, tattered and seemed to be rotting off the back of it. The torso was all ribbons that were pushing on the skin drawn tight over them like a drum.

Kline gripped his sword and turned, ready to fight, it was then he looked back and noticed the mirror, and his body laying in the hallway. He did not know what to make of it at first, it was something he just could not rationalize and for a moment he had a sense of disconnect. Was he dead, was this hell?

The scraping of the claws on the walls of the corridor snapped his head around. It was licking its lips, or the place where lips should be, with a broad purple tongue.

Fighting Kline knew.

He launched himself against the creature, he would puzzle out the mirror later, fighting was now.

Outside the little girl smiled. “You can give it to whom you like.” She told him and tilted her head, the small braid hanging to the side. “You want to kill me? Are you sure, I mean, are you sure you should kill this body? I might be just using it for a time, I could leave it, and it would know nothing of this.” She said in a sweet innocent voice.

“Or you could bash the child’s head in with your hammer. Would you prefer that? He cannot hear us, but he can see us, you think he will understand such a sight?” She stepped a little closer the metal bar held out, the feysteel glimmered with magical light.

Suddenly Kline’s chest started to bleed, four parallel marks crossed it. “Oh, seems he has met one of the many feeders they keep here. If it gets past him it might just hop in the free body.” She focused on Gularzob’s eyes, the sweet innocent eyes of a little child. “Blood oath you will forge it and craft it, and I will save him right here and now.” She said with a sense of urgency.

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