Daring Plan

-Dalen Capital, Slave Pens, Night, 2 DSTR-

Lafayette got down on his knees. Leaning into the pit a little, knocking his fist against the door. Pulling on it a bit to feel its weight. "I believe I have a plan that will keep up from having to risk dropping into the pit." he said pulling out a dagger. It was not like a normal dagger, rather it looked more like a knife used in a kitchen. Though all metal and made from meteorite metal.

"I am going to need your help with this." he told Kalena. Shifiting to laying prone on the floor laying the torch on the floor. As he studied the hinges on the trap door. "I believe we can loosen the screws on the hatch and drop it into the pit. Giving us something to stand on. We will have to lower into the pit but we will be able to stand on the spikes if our footing is light. I fought you I know you could stand on the tip of a sword with out cutting your feet." he said, it was obviously a metaphor.

Lafayette slowly worked on the hinge while Kalena held the door. After a few moments it was freed from the hinges, and before it had a chance to slip down the hole and out of her grip he held pull it from the pit. Meaning they could line up the drop.

Dropping the hatch a bit of wood split thought it was intact enough to be used to stand on. "I really hope you trust me because you are going down there." he said. "If we need to pick it, I will not be any use. I never had the ear for hearing the pins line up." he explained. Taking his belt in he wrapped it how he had before only a bit looser soe he could let out slack as he lowered Kalena onto the new floor. Grabbing her hand as she slid in, Lafayette went prone again. Once she was low as he could reach he let out the slack she was holding waiting for her to touched down before reaching behind his back. "It could be dangerous." he said, lowering his short sword into the pit by it's strap for her to grab. "I can use my knife worse comes to worse." Lafayette reassured Kalena knowing she didn't have her sword and couldn't get hers back for the moment.

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