Turn of events- slightly

-Dalen Capital, Grand Theater, Late evening 2 DSTR-

Celestia listened to Randel with interest; the beast rested his eyes on her in the most enchanting manner. It was as if he had no secrets to tell! He was an open book to her, and to anyone who sought answers. “It could always be simpler than it seems, Mr. Cartwright,” Celestia craned her neck around to get a better look at the gentleman before continuing, “there is surely something sincere about him- don’t you think?”

Celestia saw no twinges of light radiating from the beast, so to speak. It was a feeling rather. Something both unsettling to her demonic nature, and utterly peaceful to her human side. It was as if she had been cut in half, and the demonic side retreated in shame. It had been the first time since her transformation that she had felt entirely relaxed. Resting her face on the bars, she reached her hand inside the cage to touch him.

“Cerce, this should be the blood and hair you requested,” his voice interrupted her train of thought/action, or lack thereof. Pulling her hand away from him, she returned to her demonic nature and cleared her throat. Taking the box, Celestia turned to Sarx as she began to speak. Celestia’s face smirked as if she were going to refuse the dismissal, but Randel intervened before she could speak. Celestia narrowed her eyes at him, and nodded towards Sarx in approval. Celestia gripped the box and then breathed out a sigh.

Lifting it back towards Randel, she cocked her hip and smiled. “Since when does a gentleman allow a woman to carry her things?” Turning away from the Opera and towards the streets, she blew out a sigh. “Surely you know if a decent place to get something to eat, yes?”

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