After Party

-Dalen Capital, Grand Theater, Late evening 2 DSTR-

“It could always be simpler than it seems, Mr. Cartwright,” Celestia craned her neck around to get a better look at the gentleman before continuing, “there is surely something sincere about him- don’t you think?”

He looked at the beast, then to Celestia. “I think it is a dangerous tool in the hands of the wrong people, it needs to be studied and combatted. No one should have such power without something to balance it out.” He told her, a bit of druid wisdom.

Lifting it back towards Randel, she cocked her hip and smiled. “Since when does a gentleman allow a woman to carry her things?” Turning away from the Opera and towards the streets, she blew out a sigh. “Surely you know if a decent place to get something to eat, yes?”

He chuckled and took the box from her. Leading her back into the play house he nodded. “I know a few good places to eat, but the question would be, what do you have an appetite for?” He asked her. “And you will forgive, but, I should see the end of this play. I did help pay for it after all.”

They would return to the box. During the play a few nobles dropped by to meet with him and speak business, mostly about borrowing or investing money. He introduced her as Cerce to them all. “She has come to the city to visit.” He said as he had them greet her. “Of course, we will be having a party at my home to officially welcome her.” He told them.

As the play ended he led her out and to his carriage. “A late dinner, I know this place that does the best foods, sinfully good.” He held the door for her to enter.

Inside they sat alone and secluded. “Are those the types of soul you desire?” He asked meaning the nobles and well to do of the city. “Or would you want something else?” He asked her as the carriage started to roll.

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