Childlike Manners

-Dalen Capital, Slave Pens, Night, 2 DSTR-

She did not move when the hammer was put to her head but smiled back. “You seem to think you are in a place to ask for answers.” She remarked as he returned to Kline. “You think you deserve them?” She replied in a tone only a child can make of pure questioning.

“Blood Oath!” She shouted. “Or I go, and you can watch him die, or worse.”

In the mirror realm Kline was just holding his own, the corridor was tight, but it was not like he had never fought in a hallway. It was working more to his advantage then he thought, the creature had reach but it did not mean much in the tighter space.

He had been slashed, but he had given a few slashes of his own. The flesh of it did not bleed, but when he cut it, it was like slicing through wet paper. It would be cut and hand, dripping a white substance on the floor, as if it were just so much cloth or rags.

The claws slashed, and he ducked under, the tips raking the wall and leaving huge gashed in the wood behind him.

Kline looked down at the mirror and saw Gularzob still talking to the little girl. Was he preparing to leave with her, what was happening.

He did not have time to focus on the events in the mirror as the creature twisted back again and the long claws sought his flesh.

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