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-Dalen Capital, Slave Pens, Night, 2 DSTR-

Glaring at the girl as he crossed his arms over his chest, he gestured towards her as he spoke, "I feel I do deserve these answers. I have done nothing to wrong you or set me in a position that would make me your enemy. But, my companion's time could be drawing near, so..." Bringing his left hand up to his mouth, he bit the back of his hand and drew a sizable amount of blood. Working his hand opened and closed several times to encourage more blood to come from the wound, Gularzob ceased his actions when the blood began moving up his sleeve and around his hand like a glove.

Looking to the girl, he held the billet under his hand so that some of his blood would drip onto it to finalize the oath, "I swear to forge this billet one I a sword of outstanding quality and ability. I will use the soul within to craft an enchantment that amplifies the user's abilities. I swear this with faith that you will hold true to your word and release his mind from the mirror to be properly placed back into his body." Looking over his shoulder at the mirror, he could see Kline in mortal combat, but he could not clearly see the creature he was fighting. Stepping to the side to give her a shorter distance to the mirror, Gularzob moved his hands in the direction of the mirror.

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