Testing new identities

-Dalen Capital, Gularzob's Shop. Midish-afternoon, 0 DSTR-

Winifred pulled on her cloak and followed Artem out of the shop. Nothing had changed in her posture or level of confidence. She still doubted Artem’s intentions, but, now she began to doubt her own. Was she here for Sabina? Or was she here to find a way to go back to her old home? Adelyn Collins had a trendy ring to it; perhaps it could be the identity she maintains on her trip home. Though, once she arrived, the real Adelyn Collins would have her head.

Standing on the outside of the shop, she took a moment to embrace her surroundings. Much of the people that roamed about had a stench to them. Their different breeds, some being bastards of creation, filled the air like a disease. Swallowing hard, she took in a breath of reassurance before Artem returned with his horse. She tucked her wings into her cloak; mainly hiding them from any who might find it a good fortune to cut them off.

Smiling, and bowing her head slightly, she nodded. “I agree- though it would be prudent to find one of quality that our attire would be welcomed in.”

Taking a look over the horse, she pointed closer towards the capital at a stone building that took the appearance of a high-end inn. “I say we try there! Agree? Good!” Winifred began walking through the people, as she didn’t feel the desire to call attention upon their presence.

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