Innocent Questions

-Dalen Capital, Grand Theater, Later Evening 2 DSTR-

Celestia pushed a stray hair behind her ear, and smiled up at him. An appetite for what? She hadn’t been asked that in a while, in which it lead her mouth to salivate at the oncoming thoughts of the different foods at her possible disposal. Clearing her throat, she licked her lips and spoke, “Meat. Red meat, preferably lamb.” The satire behind her request should be noted.

Narrowing her eyes, she took in a breath and cocked her head. “I will forgive? Presumptuous.” Smiling tightly, she followed suit and returned to the box with Randel. She treated herself to another glass of wine, making herself comfortable in the process. Recognizing the smell of further wealth, she obliged to the rules of society, and courteously bid them welcome.

The play bored her to lengths that would drive a man to sleep. Just as she began to grow antsy, the play ended and she was lead to the carriage. Nodding in agreement to attend the place of dining, she situated herself with her hands folded neatly across her lap. Looking out the side window, she let her golden eyes fall upon a group of people that had begun to form around the ticket booth. Shouts of horror and officers pushing women away from the sites of the two men slaughtered brought a smile to her lips.

“Are those the types of soul you desire?” He asked meaning the nobles and well to do of the city. “Or would you want something else?”

Her body caught balance as the carriage began to role forward. “I want their eldest sons, and their youngest daughters.” Looking over at Randel, she offered a twisted smile.

“Enough about them- tell me about you. Half-elf? How has that changed your upbringing in comparison to the pure bloods of both?

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