The woman with the blond hair

---- Verden, a small town outside Skeldergate Forest, early evening, 547 DBTR ----

Lost in his own thoughts Nate didn't really notice the woman before she had moved in between him and the fireplace. He looked up at her elegant figure, all the way up to her straw-coloured hair, but couldn't see hat fave from this angle. For some reason she appeared to be a little different from the rest of the villagers he'd met so far and he couldn't remember having seen anyone with that hair colour when he was greeted by the village. But of course he wasn't able to remember every single person he met when traveling around the country and judging by her clothes she was just a regular girl.

Before he had anymore time to think of this the woman turned around and smiled “Oh, hi there. I'm not disturbing you, am I?”. To this Nate simply replied with a polite smile "Of course not.". Having said this he turned to look at his guards that discreetly were preparing to get the woman to move away if he wished so, but signaled them not to interfere and they carried on as if nothing had happend.

He didn't think this woman would be any threat to him, though one could never be too sure of that. She was more likely one of the hopeful girls that would try and win his heart, which he usually were capable of evading himself.

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