Dividing the tasks

---- Dalen Capital, Gularzob's Shop. Midish-afternoon, 0 DSTR ----

Artem suppressed a sigh at her almost arrogant attitude and just kept his mouth shut to avoid saying something offensive.

He looked towards the building she pointed out. It sure looked very classy and if they were to pass as being nobles they would have to stay at a place like that. Unfortunately this would also result in much higher prices and since Winifred didn't have any he would be forced to pay for all of it. He just had to hope that he would have enough to pay for one night, but then he seriously had to find some way to make some more money tomorrow.

Despite his financial worries he stayed silent for a while and followed her to the place "Now that this is your area of expertise, how about you do the fancy talking and I be the one paying? At least just this one time, because you still owe me at least one meal.".

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