Surprisingly Friendly for a Witch...

- A Cottage Somewhere in the Bramblewood, Evening of 0 DSTR -

After Simon announced their presence and the young woman raced into the cottage, Katya glanced at the knight and whispered, "Well, whoever these people are, they don't seem to fear strangers. I don't know if I should be worried about that or not.

Just then, an older woman appeared at the entrance and asked, "Can I help you with your things?"

Katya wasn't quite sure how to respond to this. She was still riding Striker, who was now standing awkwardly in front of the cottage. "Umm..." she glanced at Simon again, then returned her eyes to the woman before replying, "Is this an inn? If so, I suppose we could, uh, use a hand."

Glancing back at Simon, she quietly asked, "Would you be okay with that?" If Katya was being honest with herself, she was exhausted, having slept very little since the day of the bandit attack. Although she didn't exactly trust these people, her body was out crying for food and rest. Wise or not, she wanting to take the woman up on her offer of care and shelter, if that was indeed what she was offering.

(OOC - I'm okay with that turn order. If a situation arises where the sequence would flow more smoothly in a different order, we can indicate that with a line saying "Tag - Cecile" or something like that.)

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