-Dalen Capital, Slave Pens, Night, 2 DSTR-

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Seeing the little girl grin was almost enough to make Gularzob smash her head in like a watermelon, but he refrained from the action when she pulled the fairy from midair. He was immediately reminded of a fairy he had aided within the last few days, but he pushed that memory out as his need for survival arose. Taking the eye from the girl, he popped it into his mouth and gave it a quick crunch before swallowing. It gave a small amount of resistance, much like a grape, before it popped and released a salty solution within his mouth. Swallowing it down, he looked to the girl and saw her for what she was. Terrified and shoved into the corner of her very own consciousness by a dark force, presumably the one speaking to him.

When she stepped towards the mirror, Gularzob followed her with his eyes, curious as to how she would fix him. Seeing her thrust her hands towards the mirror forcefully, he felt his gut drop when the mirror shattered into many pieces. In many of the shaman's rambling about soul binding and possession, if the item was broken, the soul was lost. Reaching a hand out to take hold of the girl, he felt his hand pass through the air where she has been. Looking around him in search of her, he found nothing but the billet within his grasp and the stumbling fey to prove she had ever been there.

Looking to Kline's body, he stepped back as the man shot up from the ground, his sword swinging in tight defensive motions to wars off an enemy that had been lost in the shadows. Keeping his distance so that he could not be mistaken as the creature in the mirror, he decided it was time to focus Kline on something rather than his visions from the mirror. Pointing his interests to the fey with a quick explanation, he watched Kline pick it up and too its eye free with no hesitation. Looking down to the grounded and blind creature, he placed his boot over it and lowered it quickly, silencing the wails and ending the creature's suffering. Watching Kline react to the visions on the hallway walls, Gularzob started following him warily, curious of when the beast in the mirror would pop out on Kline again. He was not concerned with Kline himself, but he had no idea what had come with Kline back into his body. So far, his actions were normal and characteristic of the man, or as much as Gular could know. However, the method that his soul was freed seemed very careless and could have very adverse side effects. Hearing his words as they moved past a few trap doors, he hugged back against the wall to step around the pit before speaking, "She was not my friend. She only breathes because she held the key to your freedom and the life of a small child."

As they walked through the building, he could see a light blue trail at his shoulder height and he was reminded of the flame on his shoulder. It marked their steps they had taken, so it would help then to escape in the direction they had come. Nodding slightly as he followed Kline, he paused at the turn that they had taken before. This was the location that they had lost Kalena and Lafayette. Holding up a hand to stop Kline at the base of a set of stairs, he spoke quickly, "Let me look around for a second. I might be able to spot where we lost them." Not waiting for Kline's approval or permission, he stepped around the corner and saw the open maw of a trap door. It was different from the others they had stepped over, for it was the only one that seemed to be activated. Kneeling down beside it, he glanced across the opening to where the hinges of the door would be. They were made of iron and strong for their purpose of opening and closing, but what he could see was not normal wear and tear. They had been pryed open, and his suspicions were settled when he glanced down into the hole and saw the door sitting atop a mass of sharpened stakes. Giving a brief sniff for blood or a trace of their scent, he stood up and went back to Kline before speaking, "I believe they fell victim to a spike fall. However, I believe they survived, for I do not smell any of their blood. Let's find the dogs amd then double back to find the others."

Gularzob noticed the toll that the man's wounds were beginning to take on him, the blood dripping from his wounds and hitting the floor at his feet. Debating on taking point, he realized there was no need when they climbed the final steps of the flight. He could smell the hounds before they ever saw them, and he could also recognize the scent of their prey. Stepping past Kline as the man took a second to identify their prey, he went to the hindquarters of the closest hound. Tapping it to the side to make room for himself, he narrowed his eyes as it let out a deep and menacing growl. Stepping between it and the one beside hit, he heard their growls growing in intensity. It cause the hairs on the back of his neck to stand I'm end, but he knew what he had to do. To grab their leashes and pull them away would cause then to turn on him with their jaws ready for orc flesh. To make this a smooth grab, he had to be one of them. Pushing up to their shoulders, he saw the two beside him stop chewing in order to focus their eyes on him. Kneeling down to their level, he let out his own deep growl, close enough to their own that a blind man would find it difficult to separate the sounds.

Seeing them turn to sniff him, he rammed his shoulder into the side of the one on his right. Causing it to step over slightly as it gave a short growl, he reached into his bag for several vials. Growling back at it as he filled the vials with the unicorn's blood, he worked off the vials before returning them to his bag within a cloth wrap. Next came the hard part. Standing up slightly, he stepped.over the unicorn to be on the opposite side from the three hounds and Kline. Glancing up to make eye contact with the man, he urged him to stay back as he took hold of the unicorn and jerked it away from the hounds. Seeing them stop for a second in confusion before looking up to him, he could feel the hatred exuding from their eyes as they cmfocused on their next victim.

With fheir full and undivided attention, he began to feel less sure of his plan, but he could not simply stop here. He had gone too far with his offense, and unless be could continue, they would attack him no matter. Taking hold of the animal's rear right leg, he pulled it free from the unicorn's body and held it before him. Seeing rhe hounds glance at it, he moved it slowly through the air to keep their attention on it. Walking in a semi-circle around them, he was happy to see them following him with their eyes. Going to the top of the stairs, he waved the leg a few more times before throwing it down the stairs and leaping out of the way. Clearing the way for them to sprint down the stairs, he looked to Kline and spoke, his voice softer than normal, "I think it best to grab their leashes after they eat the leg, before they remember the rest."

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