Devil Needed

-Dalen Capital, Truffle Pig, Later Evening 2 DSTR-

He smiled, she was interesting, captivating, and enchanting, he would have to watch himself. He did not know if it was a power of hers or just the fact he found her so alluring, he did not put it past her to have a magical power to attract men. This had him second guessing his desires, were they really his. It had been a long time since he was so attracted to another.

“Am I getting fed tonight, or are you going to keep asking me questions that are none of your concern?” Celestia sighed and looked down at the slowly emptying tray of appetizers. Grabbing another slice of cheese, she slid the slice between her lips and licked the tip of her index fingers.

He wanted to reach across the table and pull her on it, casting the silver and plates aside and take his hunger. Rend the cloth from her body and taste her skin on his lips. He wanted to whisper some of the lewdest poetry he knew as he did, to speak verse that would make the harlots blush. He wanted her to moan under his touch and command her body to pleasure.

“Do not worry, I will see you are satisfied.”

As he said that the door to the room opened and a server entered with platters holding a soup tureen. A creamy soup, served into bowls, a cheese soup that smelled of butter and garlic alongside pastries baked to a fine flakey crisp and puffing with flavor. They were on to the second course.

He looked across the table as she was served the soup, dished out with care by the server, a halfling who looked about the right height with the lower table. He was dished up and nodded to the server who left leaving the soup on the table with more of the puffed biscuit like pastries.

“My purpose is not the conquest of the Queen.” He said in a matter of fact tone after the server had departed. “My purpose is to change everything. To reinvent this land into something it should be.” He took a taste of the soup, it was smooth and creamy and warm, and he could taste the mushrooms and garlic as well as a mix of beef.

“You see, the country is very right in some respects. Magic should be free to be practiced and understanding and knowledge should be sought after. However, some systems still in place need to be removed. Slavery is one of them, so is the autocratic rule of the nobles.” He explained. “I am sure I am not alone in this thinking, but, I am sure the powers in play would not like such ideas to take root, let alone bloom and bear fruit.” He took one of the rolls and ate it slowly, watching her, he could not help but be drawn to the golden eyes. “I am a being who has chosen to be his own moral agent and as such I am compelled to do what I see as right, and I believe I can change this land, I know who to help it, I know what it needs.” He told her.

“I would like you to help me, because as much as it needs angels, it needs devils more.”

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