The room

---- Dalen Capital, Midish-afternoon, 0 DSTR ----

Artem was completely taken by surprise when receiving the kiss on his cheek and before he had the time to respond Winifred was already on her way into the inn. He watched her as she casually walked inside as if it was the something she did everyday, which reminded only Artem of the huge gap in the social status between the two of them.

While waiting outside Artem untied his gear from the saddle, preparing to carry it with him inside. He had only just removed the gear when a well dressed man form the inn approached him "Good afternoon, Mr.. Please allow me take care of your horse.". Not use to being treated so politely Artem made a small pause before responding "Uhm, thank you.". As soon as he had said this the man took hold of the reins, still smiling politely "If you would please step inside, one of my colleagues will show you to your room.". "Thanks." was all he managed to say before the man was on his way off with his horse.

Now that the matter of the horse had been sorted out Artem stepped inside, carrying his saddelbags across his shoulder. And sure enough, he had only just entered before another waiter came walking towards him "Mr. Collins, I presume? Welcome to our establishment. Your wife is waiting for you in your room. Would you like me to carry you bags for you?". It was all a bit too much for Artem, except for the little husband and wife thing, but he didn't let it show. "No, it's fine. Just show me the room." he said, trying not to sound as a complete idiot. The gentleman gave a small nod, clearly understanding a hint and then started walking. When reaching room the man even knocked at the door, waited a moment and then opened it for him. " Let us know if there's anything you need." "Thank you. We will." and then the man finally left.

Artem then stepped into the room where he no longer had to hide his enthusiasm for this place. "This is great." he said as he looked around the room, before smiling a little teasingly to Winifred "For how long has my wife planned for us to stay here?".

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