Challenging the plan

-Dalen Capital, Truffle Pig, Later Evening 2 DSTR-

Looking up at his words, she smirked and opened her mouth to give a snarky response. To her displeasure, they were interrupted; though the interruption served her well. The garlic was overwhelming to her senses, and she was reminded of home. Her mother avoided garlic like the plague, largely because it caused her father gas. Smiling down at the bowl in sweet remembrance, Celestia took the spoon on the outside of the dinner setting, and began to eat quietly as he spoke.

“You see, the country is very right in some respects. Magic should be free to be practiced and understanding and knowledge should be sought after. However, some systems still in place need to be removed. Slavery is one of them, so is the autocratic rule of the nobles.”

Celestia furrowed her brow in realization on what was to follow his remark. Slavery was the best invention known to society, in favor of her work entirely. Slavery allowed men to use women however they chose, some slaves would choose abortion, some slaves would be forced to bear children that would grow up to loath society and commit evil acts. It was the perfect cycle for individuals to fall into the Devil’s hands. An end to this type of society would cut down on their profits, souls being the profits, by large proportions.

To end the pure greed that walked the halls of any political building would cause a cog in the wheel. To bring democracy, freedom, or a republic, would be an end to having greed fully reign. There would be a few good-hearted individuals scattered amongst the political realm, and that was enough to put a kilter in their profits as well. Staring at him blankly as he finished speaking, she took in a breath and licked her lips before speaking, “You know what it needs?”

Celestia grinned at his last statement and sighed. “Mr. Cartwright, I do believe that you are of the mindset, ‘the end justifies the means’?” Taking in another spoonful of soup as she chose her next words carefully, she paused once more. “Obviously that line of thinking is flawed, which of someone with your intelligence should know, so I am lead to believe you are lying to yourself, or feeding your ego; or you are so devoted to this cause you don’t care to see the difference.”

Celestia finished her soup with ease, and topped off her wine glass herself. Her lips were stained red from the bounteous amounts of alcohol she had consumed, and there was a healthy flush rising in her cheeks. “I will help you because, for now, there is something I can gain.” Drinking 1/4th of her wine down with two long sips, she placed the glass back on the table and folded her hands over her revealed thigh. “What are you to do when the pretty slave girls, uneducated swines, begin demanding higher pay and the nobles, farmers, blacksmiths aren’t willing to pay it? When famine strikes because there is no one to pay them, which means no food? Who will there be to blame? Will Randel Cartwright take the fall for the fallen? Will you be the martyr for your cause?” Giggling, she brought her hand up around her neck and thumbed her collar bone.

"I imagine not! But you will figure all that out, won't you? Is your plan to create a parliament beneath the monarch?"

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