Unloading at the Cottage

- A Cottage Somewhere in the Bramblewood, Evening of 0 DSTR -

In classic Simon fashion, the knight walked straight up to the entrance and requested entry. Direct, efficient, and absolutely fearless.

Simon had naturally leapt off his horse with only his own gear. This was the way of the soldier: each member was expected to carry his or her own weight unless injury or efficiency demanded otherwise. Also, in this case, Katya wasn't hauling around much equipment. Other than her armor, weapons, and the clothes she had on her back, the rest of her stuff had gone down with the caravan. Now, her armor was crammed into Striker's saddlebags, and all Katya was carrying was her sword and shield, the later of which was held by a strap to her back.

The white-haired woman didn't seem to understand that, however.

"...wolves, you’d think!" Katya thought she heard the woman say.

Smiling tiredly, Katya replied, "Maybe so, but I don't tend to do the 'damsel in distress' thing very well. Anyway, my horse, er, well, friend's horse, is carrying most of my stuff. I guess I could use some help getting off the saddlebags and moving them to a secure location. I'm sure Striker would appreciate a break."

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