Tedious Details

-The Cartagan Orchard. Mid afternoon, 2 DSTR-

Cordelia heard the crop being pulled from the wall, and she immediately flinched. It reminded her of the nights where she was forced to dance with, and for, strangers whom were friends with the old Master. It reminded her of the first time she refused to do so, and she was brought to her knees, forced to look upon the bulge she gave the men. Before she could answer, her lips parted in a gasp of relief in unison of her head dropping due to the crack that came from the splitting of the crop. "Not the way you might think, certainly not an individual who has had the worst encounter." Her voice remained an element of strength, but it waivered towards the end. There were other women whom had been more serious victims of his hand.

She had done her duty as his servant till the end, and now that she served him no longer, she wished to have the dignity of a working slave- not a whore who is thrown aside. Feeling his hand against her skin, she raised her eyes to his lips, immediately closing them and stiffening. Sitting at his command, she leaned slightly forward with a practiced strength in holding her back tall. Watching his movements, she folded her hands over her lap. Looking out the window while he spoke of the contents within the files, she felt sick. It would include the moments where she disobeyed to save her virtue, disobeying because of the remaining self respect she had, and the moments where he had his way. He would force her to bathe herself in front of him, and bathe him by hand with a rag. She was to dress him herself, and he would dress her. These winnings only lasted a short while before there were movements for the other slaves to get Cordelia moved to a field girl.

At the relief of him cutting a majority of the contents out, she shifted in her seat and looked down at the papers. Looking up at him, she sighed and looked towards the window. "I was a daughter, of a man who lost his mediocre fortune due to gambling. He thought it pertinate to groom beutiful slaves, intelligent ones that could be of a higher use if needed, but submissive ones that would bend to his command. I can read, write, and," pausing she thought of including dancing, but continued. "And cook. I have many sisters, but all were sold to different plantations or houses. Sisters that stay together might collude- I'm sure you see the issue there." Looking down at the papers once more, she continued to ramble small details about her work history. "I was a house slave until the women here realized I had become a woman, and I was moved to a field slave. I became the lead slave in the field until I was brought back in the house, where I served as lead slave. I assisted in the training of anyone that has been received in the past two years."

Sitting silently, her thoughts wondered to Alyona. Her arrival and disappearance timely as one might think.

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