Scandals avoided

---- Dalen Capital, Midish-afternoon, 0 DSTR ----

Winifred jumped slightly at the prompt arrival. She had only a moment to herself, which she spent staring up at the ceiling in a tired daze, before she stood at their entrance. Knodding towards the stranger, she returned to her seat on the bed once he left. Laying back down, she stretched her arms over her head and gave a tension releasing groan. Looking up at him at his playful question, she scoffed and offered a wave of the hand. "Not even fake me would be caught dead in a memorable establishment with a man and be unmarried. The opinions of strangers means far too much on that topic."

Yawning, she stood and walked towards a dresser that was on the opposite wall of the bed. Winifred pulled at the dresser drawers in search for a night dress. Occasionally they were on hand for the travelers sake, and she got lucky. Wavering at the thin material, she slid her hand between the fabrics and realized she could see the outline perfectly. Intricate details of the wrinkles in her palms could not be seen, but the cream material certainly was thin for a night dress. Looking out the large bay window, she realized the ability to see her bodily outline would disappear with daylight.

"Only for a night, then I say we ask your basic sherrif if they have heard of Verden blood coming into town- important blood." Turning her head to look at him, she cocked it and raised her hand slightly as if she were waiting for his opinion. "Sound like a plan?"

Turning away from him, she folded the night dress and placed it at the edge of the bed. Walking over to the window, she pushed the curtains further apart and leaned on the windowsill to look out on the people below them. All walks of life roamed the streets. Even the wealthy walked the streets in little fear of being robbed. It's hard to be robbed when you have placed spells on every object of importance.

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