Fully Satisfied- for now

-Dalen Capital, Truffle Pig, Later Evening 2 DSTR-

He smiled and took another bite of soup. His sharp eyes looked into hers, focused and firm, a true believer. It might seem. “Did I say change would come without pain?” He returned her challenge. “What will I do when the mobs demand more then they have, why I will profit from it. They will need swords and tools of war, and they will need money to finance operations to harm the nobles, and the nobles will need money to raise security to protect themselves and to quell the masses. All of them will need money and those of us who have it will become the powerful.”

Celestia twirled a strand of red hair around her index finger as he spoke.

“Perhaps you are right, perhaps my ego is hungry, the thing about blind spots is we all have them, but we do not know we do. We are all weak in some measure, and perhaps I am doomed to fail, but this should not keep me from trying. If I feared failure, I would not be here, with you, playing at a chance to take you home and to bed with me.”

In the middle of his last monologue, she sipped on her wine, stopping at the moment of him mentioning her being in bed with him. Looking up at him over the brim of her glass, she stared steadily. Placing her wine glass on the table, she continued her eye contact as he topped her off.

Breaking away from him, she thanked the woman who brought them their final course. Looking down at the lamb, healthy juices surrounding the meat cooked to perfection, she began to salivate. Cutting into the meat slowly, she sliced off a piece with precision. The meat practically dissolved in her mouth as she chewed. Closing her eyes as her hunger began to satisfy, she rolled her neck in pleasure. Feeling his Randel’s eyes remain on her, she opened her own and stared back at him.

Shaking her head at his last statement, she waved her hand towards him. “I have no use of her, her soul is already partially damned I’m sure.”

Celestia paused as he stood, and she placed her silverware down onto the plate. Keeping her eyes locked to his, she leaned towards him on one arm as he sat next to her. His touch sent a shiver down her spine, and she turned her lips away from his, towards his ear. Reaching her free hand up to cup his chin softly. Turning his face slightly so she could kiss the side of his jaw, she nipped his ear lobe slowly.

She whispered softly, “You promised me I would be satisfied, and satisfied I am.” Pulling away from his grasp, Celestia took her glass of wine and finished the contents. Standing, she welcomed the buzz that cornered her vision. Looking down at him, her golden eyes flirting with the look of a man denied his momentary desires, she smiled.

“Feel free to take me home with you, but to a separate bed chamber, as I would enjoy a decent night’s rest. Of course, if you would rather our departure to take place now, then I thank you for a night full of good wine and terrible theatre.”

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