A suggestion

---- Dalen Capital, Midish-afternoon, 0 DSTR ----

As Winifred went to the dresser Artem followed her with the eyes. The slightly see through night dress she found within one of the drawers made Artems mind start imagining just what it would look like on Winifreds delicate body. These sligthly impure thought was then abruptly ended when she started speaking.

"Only for a night, then I say we ask your basic sherrif if they have heard of Verden blood coming into town- important blood." Turning her head to look at him, she cocked it and raised her hand slightly as if she were waiting for his opinion. "Sound like a plan?"

"It's an excellent idea, though I'm not sure one day will be enough". This actually might be true, but he also wanted to prolong their stay just a little in order to simply get a bit more time with her in this gorgeous room.

He hung the saddelbagsacross the back of a luxuriously decorated armchair. Then he took off his belt with his sword attached and hung it next to the bags before pulling out the his fake papers of nobility. When gazing over the letters they, unsurprisingly, didn't make anymore sense to him now than they had in Gularzobs shop.
With a sigh he went to the bed and sat down. He tried to concentrate, but it seemed that no matter how much he tried the words wouldn't share their meaning with him. In fact, he couldn't even figure which of them were his new name. Holding back his frustration he causualy threw the papers onto the bed and looked towards Winifred again "By the way, do you want to read through my papers? You know, just in case we get stopped on the streets, it would be highly suspicious if we didn't know anything about each others backgrounds".

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