Way Out

-The Bramble Wood,
Very Near Jocelynn's Inn,
Early Morning, 1 DSTR-

Ponce began to stir after five or so minutes of unconsiousness. His eyes began to flicker open, and he groaned as the pain of his past wounds began to return to him.

"Ugh...Ay, caramba...mi cabeza"

The light was shining through the trees was too much for him, at first, but his eyes began to adjust shortly after his awakening.


His perplexion was short-lived. He then noticed that several things seemed off.

He felt a sort of imbalance, like if you removed something from one side of a symmetrical painting. His hand found its way to his ear, he squeezed the empty hole in his ear that was once home to one of his earrings. Where could it have gone?

As he pondered this, another thing came to his attention. Wren, Toldir, Kel; they all stood, mere feet away from him. But they were dead. He was a witness to each of thier demises ( and even played a much larger role than 'witness' in one case). Seeing them nearly put the soldier into shock. Their was a certain absence of light in thier eyes, what had the scorcer done, resurected them? He couldn't move, he could hardly think, but there was one thought in his mind.

How am I alive to witness this? The scorcerer spared me?

He looked up, seeing the two who had single handedly murder his entire squad, except for him, of course. He had a question, and he decided he would find the answer.

"Scorcer!" He shouted, a twinge of anger in his voice, and perhaps a twinge of fear.

"You had the perfect opportunity to kill me and add me to your little band of thralls, but you haven't. Why?"

When he didn't answer immediately, Ponce rose to his feet.

"What do you want with me?"

The soldier tightened his fists. He wasnt sure where his sword had gone, as it was no longer protruding from Wren's chest, but at the moment he cared not for it. He saw a glint in the grass feet away, which he assumed was Wren's blade. He could go after it if need be, but the dangerously explosive mixture of fear and anger was suppressed by pure curiosity.

A thought passed his mind, something he had thought a while back.

A way out...

At this thought, Ponce's fists loosened slightly.

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