Contact and Back at the manor.

Hemlock looked at Kalena. "I will accept a ride thank you." she said with out being asked. While Lafayette looked over Kline's wounds. "Hold still." he told him as he took something out of a pouch. "It will stink but It will stop you from bleeding out until we get you a healer." he explained as he rubbed the salve on the wounds.

"Do you really think they are telling the truth Kalena?" Lafayette asked, "Why would the Queen knowing give you her hounds to hunt down her own men? Better yet, why would a group of trained infiltrates need such an elaborate plot if they worked inside the walls?" he questioned as he made sure he had covers all the cuts. "I just think we should be more worried about what is actually happening here."

Before Lafayette could continue Hemlock spoke up "While in the tunnels did either of you happen to see a tiny fairy? Only about one cubit tall, black hair, translucent white wings." she said describing her friend. "While they were dragging me from my home her hutch was empty."

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