Morning Routine

-Dalen Capital, Valade Estate, Morning 3 DSTR-

He was only half conscious on the ride to the estate. It was more dream then reality, he thought for sure he was to die. Something fought though, savage, it thrashed and fought to stay alive, it would not let him give up, it would not let him perish. The beast in him was not going to die, and thus he would not.

Being taken to his room it was as if he floated there. He knew hands were on him and carried him, but the reality of it did not sink in. He saw flashes of light and voices around him, his eyes opening and then opening again not realizing he had closed them. The pain was a presence in his mind, not pain for a particular part of his body but just pain and knowing there was pain. His body was not really part of him, but he knew there was pain.

When sleep did come, the pain washed away, and he stood on the bloody battle field. The beast was enraged, and his sword was gripped tight. He stood looking at the maze of mirrors before him. Someone with greater finesse may have navigated the mirrors and found the beast in the center of the labyrinth but took hold of his blade and delighted in the sound of breaking glass.

When he was done, and the shards of the maze lay around him he looked about and realized, he was in the center to begin with.

He woke slowly, the sun was filling the room and the white linens were glowing with the morning light. He looked over and saw Laffy sleeping in a large soft chair. He was not in pain, and his head was not foggy from drugs. A touch to his chest let him know the wound was healed, and his arm was fine.

He slipped from the bed and dressed without waking the older man.

The sun was just over the wall of the estate when he made his way to the practice area Kalena had on the grounds. He took his blade and planted his bare feet in the sand, wearing just his trousers he started to work through the cutting and slashing motions with his blade. The long sword had iron rings added to it to give it more weight to challenge his swings, and task his body to more work.

He drew in focus, and his mind went over the events of the last day. An attack by bandits, the attack on Van. Who was this Sarx and why did it all happen? The motion of the blade helped, his mind was on the tasks as his body went through the motions of blocking and killing.

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