Slow mornings

-Dalen Capital, Cartwright Estate, Morning 3 DSTR-

Celestia smiled peacefully and took his hand. It was a short time from the restaurant to Randel’s estate. The entire carriage ride, she looked out the window in a tired state. Upon their arrival, she took her time to gather herself, and carefully stepped out of the carriage.

Her eyes took in every aspect of the home- truly an act of grandeur. The extensive details put into flaunting a high spending budget made her restless. Following Randel with caution, she let her gaze wonder on the marble, statues, and staircases. Paying no attention to the gnome as he spoke, she turned her back from the two to give them the false feeling of privacy.

Turning her head to look at him as he spoke, she smiled sweetly at his attention to detail. “Goodnight, Mr. Cartwright.” The gnome lead her away from him, and she couldn’t help but feel overwhelmingly exhausted. Multiple days of staying awake had taken its toll; the fatigue that had been taken away by magic had finally returned.

There was something humorous about following an individual that was a quarter of her own height. Her hands gathered up the fabrics at the bottom of her dress as they moved up the stairs. The paintings that hung along the wall caught her eye with every step. Overwhelmed by the colors and scenes, the human feelings of awe took over. The gnome stopped their excursion by raising a hand to a door she could assume would be hers. “Thank you,” Celestia spoke softly, shielding the humor behind the possible difficulties that would arise if he had tried to open the door.

Closing the door behind her, she kicked off her shoes and let out a groan. Slipping the fabric off her arms, she stepped out of the dress and raised her arms above her head in a stretch. Taking a moment to search the room, she settled her eyes on the beautiful four poster bed. The white, plush comforter begging for her bare skin to kiss the fabrics. Three large windows spread evenly on the farthest wall, and a bench beneath one. The curtains were thin; they would surely allow plentiful sunlight to wake her when the time came. There was a dresser that caught her eye, with a large and well-crafted mirror hanging above it.

Looking at her pale reflection, she smiled at the individual that looked back at her. Her fingers trailed over the center of her abdomen and up between her breasts. Her own gentle touch caused a chill to spread over her body, her nipples becoming erect in response. Giggling to herself, she turned away from the mirror and walked to the side of the bed. Pulling back the sheets, she crawled into the comfort of warmth and clean bedding. Sleep pulled at her eyes faster than she had thought they would.

When morning came, she was sleeping on her stomach with the sheets only coming up to the middle of her back. The warmth of the sun kissing her bare skin brought a soft smile to her lips, and she opened her eyes to see an empty room at her disposal. Groaning as she stretched and rolled over, Celestia pulled the sheets over her breasts and lazily looked up at the ceiling.

It took the sound of footsteps around outside her door to pull her out of bed. Seeing the large wardrobe off to her right, she opened the doors to find a thin, satin robe. Slipping it on, she left it open as she put her hair in a loose bun- keeping it up by folding the ends into the bun itself. Closing the robe with minimal effort, she tied the strands of satin together around her waist. The front of the Robe came in a loose, deep ‘V’ between her breasts. Opening the door, she peeked her head out and stepped out of the room.

Making her way down the stairs, her hand sliding over the railing, she sniffed the air in hopes to smell food.

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