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---- The Bramble Wood, very near Jocelynn's Inn, dawn, 1 DSTR ----

Gareth almost couldn't believe what he was hearing. Ceriden didn't appear to be mad at him at all. He even tried to cheer him up. This definitely wasn't the reaction Gareth had expected.

Then the green-haired soldier interrupted. Gareth quickly turned to look at him, watching his every move.

As Ceriden explained the soldiers options, Gareth was surprised to hear that he actually offered to spare his life if he would become their guide. Gareth didn't like that thought at all. The fear he had felt when the soldier attacked him had not yet subsided and the thought of having to travel with him didn't excatly appeal to him. But he then got an idea.

Ceriden turned back to Gareth, "So, do you feel better yet?"

Gareth nodded slightly "Yes, but I have to admit that I don't think it is a good idea to keep that soldier around. I would much rather have him for dessert right now than as a guide". Having said this he turned to look at the soldier once more. He only had the courage to say this because he trusted Ceriden to help him out in case the soldier were to use his magic on him again. By saying this he hoped that no matter the outcome of all of this the soldier would hopefully either be too scared of him to try and attack, or he would be allowed to eat him.

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