New Guests

-Radogast, Evening, 0 DSTR-

Adisla did not think she could take her smile for much longer as she listened to Baron Oldfield's wife's story about the travels of their oldest son. She had heard the story far too many times to count, probably coming up on the thirteenth anniversary of being told of her son's bravery in the War. The woman would speak of her son in present tense, and the Baron would give stern glares around the table, challenging anyone to correct her. Their boy had died in the battle his mother spoke of so fondly. The awards she spoke of him receiving and the great feats of battle were all accomplished by his comrades when they went to retrieve his body. Feeling her patience with the situation waning to a dangerous level, Adisla nearly leapt from her seat beside the Baron when one of her soldiers came to speak to her.

Pushing up and out of the chair quickly, Adisla turned to the Baron, his wife, Kimiko, and the others at the table with a small smile of apology before speaking, "I apologize for my early departure, but I have the utmost important news that I must capitalize on." Offering a small bow, her eyes lingered on Kimiko's slight smile before she turned to leave. Feeling a grin working its way across her lips as she left the room, she followed the scout to the prison at a quick pace. Their quarry, the blonde woman, had been captured in the forest near here. There had been no word of the pesky mage and the vampire, but any news was good news, especially with the Baron paying a visit.

Stepping into the courtyard that led to the prison, she smiled when she saw the woman tied to the back of her horse with a bag over her head. Going to her, she motioned for her to be settled onto the ground. Waiting for the guards to drop her down to her feet, Adisla stepped forward and ripped the bag from her head. Catching her chin before she could try to drop it, Adisla smirked as she looked upon her features. Recognizing them quickly, she chuckled softly before speaking, "Sabina Hoyt Hibiscus. Why, oh why might you be traveling around my Queendom, and much less with the likes of a vsmpire and a mage. What would your mother say? Or your king? Or have you left your life in Verden behind in search of a litre of adventure."

Laughing loudly, Adisla reared back for dramatic effect before spitting a wad of saliva onto Sabina's chest. Snarling a lip up at her, she moved her hand down from her chin and more to her throat. Smiling slightly as the woman's eyes widened, Adisla pushed her back against her horse's flank before speaking aloud, "I understand you've prepared a cell for her, shared with the necromancer, correct?" Seeing one of her soldiers off to the side nod quickly, Adisla smirked before speaking, "Good. Take her to her slave and then send a party to retrieve the Sheriff and bring him into custody. Treat him to a final meal, if you will."

Glaring at Sabina as she finished, she fdlt her lips quirk up slightly as she thought to herself, 'You wanted a necromancer, so you went to Ceriden. Well, here is the strongest necromancer within fifty leagues of Radogast. Speak child, relinquish your secrets to my witch.' Smirking, she turned her back and strode towards her office, more than happy to complete the detestable pile of paperwork on her desk rather than returning to thd dinner party. Kimiko would simply have to bear with the stories until Adisla returned, which would have to wait until she had sifted through thd paperwork to find the most laborious and lengthy report.

Tag - Sabina & Nimorra

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