---- The Bramble Wood, Very near Jocelynn's inn, dawn, 1 DSTR ----

"You would rather eat a man for dessert than have a guide? How very short-sighted of you."

Ceriden clearly didn't get it. But at least the comment had seemed to have affected the soldier.

"Do you even realize how barbarous that comment sounded?" Ceriden remarked. "We may be desperate men, Gareth, but we are not savages. No, if you are still hungry even after all that, please finish eating that pig I paid an arm and a leg for."

Gareth crossed his arms and looked away. He felt a little disappointed that Ceriden didn't understand and only thought he had said so because he was hungry, which he wasn't. Well, maybe he could eat a little more, but did he really think he was that simple? If I'm being barbaric then what are you? You're the one who's making his friends into zombies... he quietly thought to himself.

And why was it so hard for Ceriden to understamd that he didn't want that guy to tag along? He was scary and maybe he was just acting nice right now only to get a chance to kill them later.

Silently accepting that his opinion wasn't going to change anything, Gareth decided to let them settle this alone. He walked away, dragging the pig with him to somewhere a little more private. Having made sure that no one was around he rolled up his selves and continued his dinner. He wasn't really hungry, but because the pig had been so expensive he couldn't allow himself to let anything go to waste. Besides, if he ate a lot now, eventhough it would make him feel sick, then hopefully he would be able to wait longer until he needed to feed again.

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