The cell

---- Radogast, Evening, 0 DSTR ----

The entire journey, with the disgusting bag over her head and laying across the horse, was extremely uncomfortable not to say terrifying. Her only comfort was that these guards didn't seem to have recognized who she were, but that still wasn't much of a comfort and she was struggelig not to panic.

Sabina had no idea of where she were when the horse was finally stopped. She could hear some people talking, but didn't register what they said as she was too distracted by the feeling of being suffocated by the bag. It was all starting to get unbearable and she almost just wished for it to end.

Just as she'd thought that, someone untied her or lifted her off the horse. The filthy bag was finally pulled off her head and she was able to breathe freely. She didn't get a chance to look around before someone grabbed her chin firmly. The blood in her veins froze as she recognized the woman in front of her. It was no other than than the feared Adisla Styliane, lookig at her with the most malicious smirk "Sabina Hoyt Hibiscus. Why, oh why might you be traveling around my Queendom, and much less with the likes of a vsmpire and a mage. What would your mother say? Or your king? Or have you left your life in Verden behind in search of a litre of adventure."

Sabina didn't say a word. It was almost as if she was frozen with fear. However, her inability to speak dissapaired when the wad of saliva hit her "I demand to be treated with respect! You are going to regret capturing me. Besides, I haven't done anything! I'm innocent!". She had no idea where this sudden burst of courage, or rather stupidity, had come from and she imediatly regretted even opening her mouth.

Luckily Adisla seemed to be done with her and the guards started dragging her towards the dungeons. Sabina didn't try to resist, but tried to look calm and collected even though on the inside she was panicking.

They arrived at a cell and without any further ado she was thrown inside and the door quickly locked behind her. She landed on her knees and didn't try to get up as she listened to the guards footsteps slowly disappearing outside the cell. At this point she couldn't take it anymore and quietly started to cry, not even trying to look around the cell.

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