Blue's Clues

-Dalen Forest, East of Radogast. Late Afternoon. 3 DSTR-

The hunt with Wolf had been fruitful, the both of them taking down two large bucks together before retiring to feast on the spoils. During the time, Thierri had tried quite often to pull the wolf into a conversation. He knew the beast could understand him, but he had neither the patience nor the time to try to communicate through subtle signs. They had parted on good terms, Thierri preparing the meat to last for quite some time as a jerky before adding insulation to the wolf's cave. No longer would he be a slave to his hunger or the cold. He now had food available and a suitable den to reside in. Before leaving, Thierri had urged the wolf to either come far north and join him, or go as far south as he could. He had no intention of killing creatures that felt like near kin to him, lycanthropes, but he would not hesitate if he had to.

Upon leaving the wolf's territory, Thierri had watched the road closest to them and assesed the traffic patterns. While there were a few travellers who went east, most of the traffic was headed towards Radogast. That would takr him in the opposite direction of where he wanted to go, but it would also give him the chance to get his bearings and find the main road that led to the capital. Narrowing his eyes as yet another group of travellers came toward the patch of road he was watching and in the direction of Radogast, he decided to make up his mind.

The group consisted of two mounted men riding before and after a two-man cart that was loaded down with furs and produce. Waiting for the cart to pass by him, he drew his sword quietly and stepped off the small overhang he had been watching from. Landing on the rear horse's hindquarters, he heard the horse's legs snap under the sudden pressure of his weight landing on it. Stopping the man from turning around, he drove his sword into the man's back just below his ribcage. Wrenching the blade upwards, he rent the man in two from his navel to his right collarbone. Puahing the dead body to the side, he leapt from the lame horse and landed on the rear of the the cart. Feeling the cart buck up slightly, he strode forward slowly as the passenger gor up with his sword drawn. The man had just recognized his fallen comrade falling behind when Thierri stepped forward, slashing the man across the throat with his sword.

Kicking his body from the cart, Thierri turned to the driver and leveled the tip of his blade at his temple. Looking between the driver and the horseman who had turned around with a spear in hand, he spoke in a confident voice, "You can both survive to see another night, or you can die. It is your choice." Smirking as he saw the two men share a glance before nodding, he looked to the driver as the man turned to face him. Impressed by the man's bravery to look directly at the point if his blade before looking at him, he listened as the man spoke.

"Well, seeing as how you just killed our boss. I think that makes you the automatic leader of our little expedition."

Grinning as he pulled his sword away from the man's face, he returned it to its sheath before speaking, "I assume you were headed towards Radogast." Seeing the driver nod as the horseman took a more relaxed grip of his spear, Thierri nodded and gestured along their path before speaking, "Continue with haste, and you will each split the profit on the goods. I have no interest in your money, only your transportation. Now, go." Moving back in the cart to help level out the load, he glanced over the edge of his Praitine steel sword. Satisfied that there was absolutely no marks that would indicate his brief altercation, he returned the sword to his scabbard once again before calling out, "I'm going to catch some shut eye. Wake me when we are a few mikes from Radogast. Do not try to lie to me and change your route or deliver me to the authorities. I will know."

Laying back on the furs, he allowed his senses to expand around him as he closed his eyes. He would not actually be sleeping -- he had gotten all of that he would need for a few days while with the wolf -- while back there, choosing instead to listen for deceit and to allow his senses to get a better feel for the nation.


-Outskirts of Radogast, Late Evening. 3 DSTR-

He had accidentally fallen asleep, but the growing sounds from Radogast had woken him from his slumber. When he opened his eyes, he was both impressed and surprised to see that the driver was reaching back to rouse him from his sleep. Reaching a hand up to tap the man's wrist so that he would stop flailing his hand around randomly. He sat up and stared at the road they had just traveled. Focusing on the lines in the dirt that marked frequent wagon travel, he sighed softly and yawned as he moved to his knees. Facing the direction they were heading, he reachrd up and patted the driver on the shoilder before speaking, "Thanks for the ride, carry on."

Standing up, he stepped off the rear of the cart as the road began to become surrounded by homes. Looking around for some sort of sleeping establishment, his eyes fell on a two story building. Contrasting from the other one story buildings around it, he could only assume that it was an inn or tavern that serviced visitors to Radogast who came from these side roads. Nodding slowly as he enough a hand up to supress a yawn, his eyes narrowed as they focuses on the people around him. They all moved around him, like minnows around a rock in a stream. They moved mindlessly, hurrying to get home for the night or coming out to play. They reacted to his presence and his movements with little more than a grunt if they had to shift their trajectory due to him walking. It was vastly different from the interior of his kingdom, where to step into someone's path was a challenge. It did not always result in a right, but you knew very well that you had upset whomever it was that you cut off. Fighting the urge to push his way through, he snarled deeply when a man failed to react in time and stepped on the ens of Thierri's foot. Shooting a hand out to grab the man by ths front of his tunic, Thierri growled into the man's face nefore shoving him away. Causing the man to stumble and fall, Thierri shot him one final glare before going onto the.porch of the establishment and entering.

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