Welcome to the Party

-The Bramble Wood,
Very Near Jocelynn's Inn,
Dawn, 1 DSTR-

Ceriden mentally noted that Gareth had slunk away toward the pig. He did not seem terribly pleased by Ceriden's reprimand. Oh well.

He pondered the soldier's question for a moment, as he had not entirely thought through his plan for the zombies yet. "I'll keep them around. They will take rear guard as we travel, and take night watch when we rest so that we can all get a full night's sleep. Perhaps if I get some spare time, I'll make some improvements on them. Or I might just end up feeding them to Gareth. Keeping him fed is going to be a chore."

"And welcome to the team. My name is Ceriden, my vampire friend is Gareth, and the specter to your right is Erik."

Ceriden smirked as he saw Erik wave cheerfully at the soldier. "So what do you call yourself, and is there anything we should know about you before we get going?"

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