The Roommate

- Radogast Dungeons, evening, just before sunset, based on the position of the shadows in her cell -

A sensation of anticipation had come over Nim shortly after the guards had left. She had been alone in her cell for what had felt like ages, at least a decade if that guard was to be believed. Her loneliness had long since been replaced by hopelessness and apathy. Yet, now something was going to change. It was kind of a small thing, but now she would have someone to talk to. Hopefully he or she would be nice.

She smirked, Yeah, I bet that's likely. Because criminals are always so easy to get along with.

Time went by, and Nim began to get all kinds of ideas about what type of person her new roommate would be. If there actually is a god, please don't let him be a sexual predator...

And then her door opened up and some woman wearing a nice outfit was unceremoneously thrown into her cell before the guards shut the door, relocked it, and went on their merry way.

As the woman sobbed on the floor, Nim wordlessly studied her. She was dressed more nicely than most of the scum that graced these dungeons. Nim wasn't able to get a good look at the woman's hands, but if she had to guess, they probably would not feature the callouses that marked most worker's hands. Nim thought she caught a glimpse of the woman's rounded ears, which made her frown. It was too much to expect that her roomate would be an elf, but it still would have been nice.

She sighed. Once upon a time, Nim had hated humans and everything about them, but Galathus Kelmoran had tempered that animosity, and when she'd joined his crusade, she had been forced to fight alongside them. Years of working with humans had caused her disgust for them to become a grudging tolerance.

Then she was thrown into this cell, and an eternity later, she now pretty much hated everything.

Nim lay on her cot and stared at the ceiling as she waited for the woman to stop bawling her eyes out. She didn't really begrudge the woman for her weakness, but she was taking up valuable space, and hearing someone cry right next to her wasn't making the mood any lighter.

At one point, Nim was tempted to give the woman a solid kick in order to establish dominance and maybe make herself feel better, but she decided against it. It felt like too much work, and if the woman fought back, there was no guarantee that Nim would win, for years in prison had wreaked hell upon her body.

Eventually, the woman's sobs abated, and Nim rolled over to look at the wretched girl. "So... what are you in for?" she asked carefully.

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