OOC - The Two Week Rule

We briefly discussed an idea about a month ago in which we would turn characters that hadn't seen use after a week into NPCs. SilverCloud and I re-discussed the plan behind the scenes and decided upon the following:

Every week, on Friday Evening or Saturday Afternoon USA Eastern Standard Time, I will write a post in which I state which characters are at risk of become NPCs. Every character will have a two week grace period. If writer doesn't write anything for their character for a week, I will give that character a "caution" during the week's report. If no posts are written for that character the next week, I will give the character a "warning". If the next Friday/Saturday rolls around and still nothing, I will edit the character by putting "NPC" next to the character's name. If at any time the owner wants to reclaim their character, they can edit "NPC" out of their character's name, and the cycle will begin anew.

I probably won't bother subjecting characters like Elliot, Kadri, Asgurt, and Draken to this process as they are not currently prompt-locking anyone.

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