Artistic Insomnia

- Dalen Capital, Valade Estate, Morning, 3 DSTR -

A flock of strange looking birds soared across the sky leaving their bright color splashing in streaks. Like paint on the canvas of a new day.

An arm stretched across the shelves to pick up decorative objects, dusting and replacing them back to their homes with a quiet hum. Zaonna brushed a strand of blonde hair from her face with a small puff of air--it swung back into place. Stepping back and examining the cozy study, Zaonna was drawn to an empty area on the wall straight ahead of the door.
If this doesn't get fixed my sanity will be endangered, she thought cringing at how she'd never noticed it before. Like a dark stain on the greatness and elegance that was the Valade villa.
Painting something for that very spot was mandatory.
Before leaving she rearranged the vases and statues until she felt at ease with a quiet sigh. She braided her hair tighter this time.

The girl with the golden skin moved quickly. Creeping into one of the guest's rooms (that of Kline Lowson's) she folded over the piece of clothing with a gentle touch as she laid all of his items she'd mended on his bed. An older man was still asleep in his room and she had no interest in waking him when his belongings were already in place beside him just as neatly folded as the others.

From her pocket the girl placed a crumpled purple flower that had been picked from one of the bushes outside on top of Lowson's stack, quietly exiting the room. Damaged but beautiful like Dalen.
A friendly gesture couldn't hurt toward someone who caught her eye. It was her obligation to make them feel comfortable and welcome after all. She'd try her damned best to do so because...

...because why not?

When the person in charge of meals finished plating breakfast Zaonna carefully carried the mouth-watering food to the long table in the dining area. There she filled multiple polished glasses with some fresh milk a servant boy just fetched from the market. The smell of grilled pork slices and fried eggs filled the room making Zaonna's stomach growl. All of the dishes were different, some better quality than the others, but all steamy and delicious.

Being up almost all night tailoring to clothing and worrying so much about another murder taking place caused her to forget about eating. Slices of fruit adorned the sides of the plates with a splash of color like the birds cawing outside.

Having seen one of the guests she recognized go out into the practice pit, (as she referred to it) she figured informing him first was a good idea. After training on an empty stomach he must be hungry.

Straightening up graciously Zaonna stopped herself in the archway entrance. A shirtless man with long, brown hair was swinging a sword with such determination and a steady hand. Each blow was quick and smooth like that of a true warrior. She watched him for a bit as if to study his motions in awe for she had never even picked up a sword, let alone used it.

"Baron Lowson?" He turned to look at the voice who'd finally recognized him in which she had taken some time to remember a name. Zaonna tensed up as she had rarely been able to speak to any nobility other than Kalena.

"I- I am aware that I'm disturbing you but there is a warm meal served in the dining hall. If you go now you'll get the first pick while the others rest." She swallowed a frog in her throat, speaking with confidence yet afraid she'd mess up somehow. She couldn't read his eyes from this distance.
Zaonna's hands gripped onto the skirt of her grey dress to keep from shaking while he approached the archway, she stepped aside to allow him room. Anyone could be dangerous enough to kill at any moment.

"Thank you," he said and she responded with a small nod, keeping her eyes down at the ground and away from the guests as her masters had instilled so brutally before. A slave was to never make eye contact with a noble-- or anyone. That's what she was used to.

She scanned his body swiftly. "Care to dress before your meal, sir? I washed and mended all of your mens' attire and they have been safely relocated to your sleeping quarters as of this morning. If you have any complaints about anything at all it'd be my honor to h- help."
Zaonna's heart skipped a beat as she told herself to shut it.

-A few moments later-

After she'd escorted him to the empty dining room, he picked a plate and Zaonna pulled the chair out for him. Her eyes fell on the scars circling her wrists from past shackles cutting into her delicate skin. There was one lining her neck too.

The peckish beauty then sat in her own chair at the very corner of the large room beside a golden harp. The two walls beside that would reflect the music more toward the guests who hadn't arrived for breakfast yet, only the baron seemed to be awake and or hungry which she didn't mind at all.
She carefully plucked the strings with the silent tap of her foot to keep a rhythm of what she'd been humming before; a musical piece that was created in her free time.

The slave looked up to the seated man and played quiet enough so a conversation could carry on. Or at least he could hear her speak. He wouldn't ignore her if he had any decency, especially if she was sharing her sincereties. The tune she played had a sense of joy and relaxation tethered to it. Her eyes glowed brighter as she played.

"My condolences about that man of yours. I truly am sorry." Zaonna pushed herself to show sympathy and hoped he saw through the inpenetrable stone mask and accepted whatever he saw.
"Was he a good person?"

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