Lafayette started to drag the man inside while a group of men move the cart out and down a massive hill into a harmless plot of land. Where no one would be hurt. Dragging him inside he pasted Kline and the slave girl. "Miss would you be so kind as to get me something like a large sheet to keep blood off the floor?" he asked her before looking to Kline. "I need your help with this." he informed Kline as he pulled the man into a room a guard said could be used to get the information needed.

Making sure the man was still out Lafayette retrieved a chair tying the man to it. "Ouvre les yeux!" he said splashing the man with water. "You will never get anything out of me." he said. Lafayette cracked his knuckles. "A fair assumption how ever, your plan has failed and since hit has Kalena has already..." before Lafayette could finish the man started to swear and spit. "Par les dieux. No civility in this land." he said hitting the man. Almost knocking the chair over. Grabbing it before it tipped. "I can do this all day, and if I need a break I am sure my friend would take over." he gestured to Kline.

"What is the plan. Just tell me and you might get a chance to not suffer a fate worse then dying." Lafayette said, though he didn't know the rules he wasn't planning to let justice do it's duty until he did his. This man was planning to bomb the manor. With all the innocent people inside.

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