What Happened

- Dalen Capital, Valade Estate, Morning, 3 DSTR -

He listened, eating his breakfast as he did, but he listened. Nodding his head at times, taking in all she had to say. He could not say he disagreed, he felt the same way when he was just a no one as well. He was never a slave, but he was close enough. That feeling you have when you feel like you cannot change what your life is, and you curse the gods for putting you in the life you have.

He set down his fork and took a drink. “You say a lot, for a slave, most of them would have said nothing at all, preferring to suffer for not having spoken then for saying the wrong word.” Kline pointed out and set down his cup. “Politics may not be your strong suit, but I take it art is?” He points to the harp she is holding.

“I did like Van, he was a good man, loyal and happy. Many would be fond of him.” He told her honestly and poked at a sausage with his fork. The sun was at an angle to fill the breakfast hall with light, golden and warm, shifting from the dark gloom of day. The light poured in, as if to fill the vacuum created by a long night. “Many will miss him.”

He looked at Zaonna. “What is your name? And what happened after I got back last night?”

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