Employing the Woods Witch

-Dalen Capital, Rooftop Garden, Early Morning 3 DSTR-

As he walked along the path with her, he relished in the feel of his boots sinking in the soft peat underfoot. He wondered if it would have been out of sorts to pull the boots off and feel it with his feet. He did not of course, that would not do, and they had business to attend to, the passionate side of him was set aside, for now.

“The man has passed, so the source of the ill has mostly been solved.” He told her. “And yes, the land has been in the hands of a family for generations and is now taken up by the nephew of the man who was the source of the blight.” The truth was not hard to tell, it was not the whole of it, but it was the truth.

He stopped under a large draping willow that seemed to wrap around them and like they had stepped into some room alone. “I do worry for the soul of the young Tyreth, he seems to be filled with anger, rage. I would hate to see the garden he watches over filled with such.” He reached out a hand to touch her shoulder and bring her to look at him, timing was everything, perfect timing, give the right look, pace the request. “Will you help?”

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